Your no. 1 source for ehmmmm... No clue! Just needed a place to put downloads and to recreate test environments to help others.

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Yeah everyone. It is done all the designs are delivered to the Gantry staff and they are now deciding who wins the bragging rights for the logo design. I know, I know everyone wants to be the winner and everyone wants to know who won today rather than tomorrow. But at this moment we have no clue when the winner will be announced.

I got word from `rhukster` Andy Miller that they are not going to limit the amount of submissions so did you supply more than one logo, then you are in luck.

I have had the privelige* to see a couple of other logo's from other designers and I got to say the Gantry staff team has their work cut out. Because there are some stunning submissions. 

Hopefully we will get the results soon and may the best win.


* Some of the designers posted their work in the Gantry Chat for everyone to see. I did not receive logo's from anyone of Gantry, Rockettheme or any company affiliated with aforementioned!

Hey everyone. There is a new test environment up. Innevitable with the new version of Gantry there has to be a new test environment and here it is:

Go to test environment

According to the Gantry Blog post the deadline is set for 18 September 2018. Together with the announcement for the deadline they also given some more information. Read the post here for all the details.

Gantry 5 Logo Design Competition

Hey designers out there,

Listen up there is a design competition started by the folks off Gantry. They would love for us to design a lot of stunning logo's so that they can pick the best. This is something that all designers will love and cherish because we all want to be the best.

So here is the message from Rhukster:

gantry gantry5   Gitter   rhukster 2015 08 29 02.33.41

To keep up to date with the latest details visit the page below.

Gantry 5 Logo Design Competition