Your no. 1 source for ehmmmm... No clue! Just needed a place to put downloads and to recreate test environments to help others.

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For Joomla 3.4.3 in combination with Gantry 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 there are now test environments. As I said before I needed these test environments to help others and now it is ready. So come on with your questions. 

You can find the test environment in the menu under "Gantry 5"

I am looking in to it to create admin access for all guests so that they can all see the power of Gantry in combination with Joomla. At this moment the admin area is at this moment only accessible by myself.

So I have been working with Joomla since version 1 and it has been a wild ride. Still they are going strong and forward. Back in the day webdesign was relative easy but nowadays it ain't anymore. There are so many different things that can give a headache and that is where a good framework relieves you from your headache better then any aspirin could do.

In the past years I started working with a lot of frameworks and I even done a lot of website without frameworks and did everything myself. This was too much of an hassle. So I reverted back to the frameworks. After working with the T3 Framework for a good time I thought let's try Gantry.

And I wished I just started there instead of all the other frameworks. In the last week or so I had more fun and less stress then in all the years before. Finally I found the framework that works with me instead of against me. 

I am still a 'rookie' when it comes to Gantry but for all the other rookies out there! There is no better place to start. As I am just started and now familiarizing myself I am going to keep posting back on this website my opinion. 

Last week I was on the Gantry 5 chat and we where talking about a repository for certain files and it was not yet there. And then I needed someplace where I could upload my settings, modules, plugins etc for Joomla so I figured let's go with Dropbox or something similar.

Then someone asked a question on the Gantry 5 chat about Wordpress in combination with the CI Build of Gantry 5. Now I always try to help everyone but couldn't recreate on my Joomla environment the problem(Duhhhh. The problem was with Wordpress). So I couldn't help and this irritated me all the way to the point that I said. Enough is Enough. It is time to go online.

So here it is a very basic website which off course runs on Joomla and Gantry 5.